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Performance Management by Robert Bacal

The Workforce Scorecard by Mark A. Huselid

Perfect Phrases for Setting Performance Goals by Douglas Max


PMIA is actively seeking sponsors from every facet of the Australian community.

Performance Management is a practice which, through various studies, has now been shown to be a lead indicator of excellent organisation results over a one to three year timeframe. The commensurate benefits to employees are those of much higher engagement with both the immediate manager and with the goals of the organisation as a whole, leading to greater feelings of self worth and corresponding buy-in into the organisation culture and goals.

We seek sponsors who are therefore willing to contribute to PMIA in one or more of the following areas. These contributions are equally applicable for private corporations, public service organisations and academic or research organisations. All applicant Sponsors will be considered on their own merits. See our current sponsors on our Sponsors page.

1. Intellectual Property

a) Position Descriptions - role descriptions as used by the organisation

b) Role Objectives - libraries of objectives as they apply to particular roles or positions within the organisation

c) Surveys or Research - primary research with a strong description of degree of certainty. All research is welcome provided the analysis of the samples is well qualified, whether highly subjective or highly objective or anecdotal. The material will be published along with suitable disclaimers as to subjectivity and correlation where applicable.

2. Management and Operational

Volunteers are sought to help run the PMIA. All applicants will be considered on the basis of the roles available at the time of application. Volunteers must be passionate about the application of Performance Management principles and the improvement of the body of knowledge which exists in this field in Australia.

3. Funding

PeopleStreme Human Capital and IXP3 are the founding sponsors of the PMIA and have committed significant funding to the establishment of the organisation. The funding is used primarily for external consultants for the website and for sponsored advertising on Google. Funding is also applied to operating expenses such as legal, accounting, stationary, postage and so on. No payments for management time or operational support or for any other reason has been made and this is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

However, as the PMIA grows it is expected that more financial, human and intellectual resources will be consumed for its day-to-day operation and that paid employees will be required to operate the organisation. Some of the funding will come from the PMIA's own activities but additional funding is sought to secure the long term viability of the organisation.


The PMIA is funded by it's sponsors and supporters. If you found the research, whitepapers or information on this website to be valuable, please support us by donating $1-$10 to us. Please address donations to :

The Treasurer,
Performance Management Insitute of Australia,
Level 1, 474 St Kilda Road,
Melbourne, Victoria, 3004,

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